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an Introduction
Success and failure lie downstream from culture and when seeking to change an existing culture the people piece generally proves most challenging. The Smart Built Group supports cultural change at every level of an organization and inspires multiple personality types to participate. Visionaries in the C-Suite embrace the concepts as readily as the leaders in accounting and operations. 

The universal truth that success and failure lie downstream from culture guides the Smart Built Group and its affiliates. These affiliations enable us to deliver innovative services to companies in multiple sectors of the economy. While the Smart Built Group evolved in the built environment, Collaborative Construction and our cross-disciplinary team of consultants now build Smart Cultures in human resources, finance, insurance, legal, accounting, retail and even for startups.

By adapting proven systems thinking pioneered by Dr. Edwards Deming to the modern construction industry we realized the continuous improvement tools and techniques leveraged in that environment applied with equal force in other arenas. Accordingly, when we set out to create A Smart Built Group we aimed to create such cultures in every environment, not just the built environment.

Changing entrenched cultures requires organizational support from the top, the field and, importantly, middle management. We designed our multistep program to create Smart Cultures everywhere!  The program arms companies with strategies underpinned by solid tactics, skill building exercises, support mechanisms and strong incentives. Disciplined execution of these strategies leads to the ability to confidently deploy Smart Cultures that lead to success throughout an enterprise.

We look forward to working with you to develop a Smart Culture that fits your needs! Please contact us with any questions you might have.

James L. Salmon, Esq. 
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At smart built cultures we believe saving time, lives and careers matters. What do you believe? Do you believe that an effective enterprise values the time, lives and careers of its employees? Does your company value time? Is your enterprise committed to safety? What does your enterprise do to demonstrate it values the time, lives and careers of its employees?

As the global economy transitions from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy traditional business models fail and new business models emerge. What business model does your enterprise deploy? What is your company's strategy for competing in the knowledge economy? What digital disruptions rocked your industry in the past decade? In the past year? Last month? Last week!

If your enterprise needs help building a smart culture that enables it to compete as a nimble innovative enterprise in the emerging knowledge economy contact us about a Smart Webinar today. If your department needs to understand the implications of the knowledge economy ask about a Smart Webinar today. If safety deserves more attention in your company request a Smart Webinar today. If your company is in crisis or your career is at risk call about a Smart Webinar today! We tailor our webinars to fit your needs.

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Continuous Improvement Experts
Creating Smart Built Cultures empowers millions to improve the lives of billions. We accept Dr. Hans Rosling's challenge, may he RIP, to move billions of people ABOVE the Wash Line. Click the link or the image below to watch Dr. Rosling's presentation. 
Smart Built Cultures, LLC and its affiliates provide an array of continuous improvement services across industries. United by a common desire to leverage millions to raise billions - intellectually, financially and philanthropically -  we provide unique consulting services that add real value for our clients. 
(IPD)X Services
Collaborative Construction Resources , LLC, a Smart Built Cultures affiliate, cut its teeth on improving planning, design and construction services in the built industry.
Amteah Group is a Smart Built Cultures affiliate that focuses on building new cultures, aka new value add business models, for small business owners. 
First Plan, LLC
First Plan, LLC is a Smart Built Cultures affliate that helps members of the Golden Rule Alliance operate together in trust based relationships.
Whether its education, design, legal counsel, continuous improvement or management counseling, our goal remains the same; help millions raise billions out of poverty!

Smart Built Cultures ... saving time, lives & careers!