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Meet The Smart Built Cultures Team!
James L. Salmon, Esq.
President of Collaborative Construction  and Founder of Smart Built Cultures, James L. Salmon serves as a BIM & IPD Consultant for Benjamin Yocum & Heather, LLC and as an Adjunct Instructor of BIM & IPD Strategy for Middlesex University out of London. James advocates use of integrated project delivery (IPD) and building information modeling (BIM) to create smart built cultures around the world. James works with clients to modify existing legal frameworks to support smart built cultures. 

President, Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC
"The knowledge economy is here!"
Dedicated to creating efficient BIM enabled facilities and infrastructure, James improves the process by facilitating the selection, formation and training of integrated teams capable of delivering BIM in an IPD environment and working to overcome cultural and legal barriers to BIM and IPD. James works closely with innovators on a multi-disciplinary basis to enable the built industry to achieve a smart built culture that delivers high quality, sustainable projects on time and on budget. He serves as an IPD Facilitator, Collaborative Consultant, and Project Neutral, among other roles.

James earned a B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy from Texas Tech University in 1991 and a J.D. from the Cincinnati College of Law in 1994. His knowledge and skills benefit all stakeholders in the built industry.

Bruce Roorda
Bruce cut to the proverbial chase when he identifified the key principles of the Golden Rule Alliance. After amassing 30+ years of experience in the residential construction environment, Bruce spread his wings and provided continuous improvement consulting services to small business owners in that sector. Armed with knowledge from that school of hard knocks Bruce delivers unparalled and invaluable insight to the Smart Built Cultures team.

Bruce also founded First Plan, LLC an innovative company that provides assistance with continuous improvement to small and mid-zised home builders and their collaborative partners.
Golden Rule Alliance

First Plan, LLC
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! "
Anthony Abernathy
James met Andrew at an event in Tuscon in 2012 when they both were joisting at the windmills of waste and efficiency that rule the day in the built industry! Today Andrew leads international teams focused on improving efficiency and productivity in a variety of environments, but sees particular promise in the healthcare industry. Join James, Bruce and Andrew soon for a compelling series of webinars on these critical topics!
Founder, Amteah Group
"The 80 - 20 rule is your friend!"
When the largest, most complex construction case hit the Greater Cincinnati area, 15 contractors turned to BYH for legal representation. Kenwood Towne Place, a $150 million commercial, mixed-use project with a 2500-space public parking garage, adjoined the area’s most upscale mall and was riding high expectations. It went bust in November 2008, leaving an eight-story office tower skeleton rusting along I-71.

Patrick M. O'Neill, Thomas R. Yocum & Julie Neuroth
BYH's KTP Team

Of the over 60 contractors owed in excess of $40 million, BYH partnered with a group of 15. Applying innovative fee sharing arrangements and contingent fee agreements, BYH successfully prosecuted the case for substantial recovery; other contractors—not represented by BYH—received little or no payment.