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What's a Smart Culture?
What is Culture?
What is Smart?
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Backwards Bikes!
Watch the video to learn more about why the built industry rides a backwards bike!
Those interested in discussing smart built cultures and how to create such cultures within their organizations should contact James L. Salmon today.

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Services Offered by Smart Built Cultures & Affiliates

Online Webinars

Online Courses

Online Workshops

  • Introduction to Smart Built Cultures
  • Why Smart Cultures Value Trust
  • How Frugal Innovation Works
  • Learn How to Create Trust
  • Continuous Improvement & Planning
  • Continuous Improvement & Design
  • Continuous Improvement & Procurement
  • Continuous Improvement & Construction
  • Continuous Improvement & Maintenance

Smart Built Cultures Program
Cultural & Legal Implications of BIM
Cultural & Legal Implications of IPD
Collaborative Legal Instruments
Creating Smart Procurement Cultures
Creating Smart Construction Cultures
Creating Smart Planning & Design Cultures
Creating Smart Operations Cultures
Creating Smart Maintenance Cultures
Smart Built Cultures Program
Katy's Castle - Abbreviated Version
The Backwards Bike - A Quick Lesson
PEAK Learners - An Overview
Smart Planning - The Highlights
Smart Design - Architects v. Engineers
Smart Procurement - An Introduction
Smart Construction - Scope of Opportunity
Smart Maintenance - Smart Buildings

Live Training

Live Workshops

Live Consulting

Snart Built Cultures - Full Workshop
Katy's Castle - Full Workshop
Riding a Backwards Bike - Full Workshop
Lean Construction - Full Workshop
PEAK Learners - Full Workshop
Golden Rule Alliance - Full Workshop

Smart Built Culture Program
Requests for Qualifications - Owners
Requests for Proposals- Owners
Responding to RFPs - Integrated Teams
IPD Training - Integrated Teams
Career IMPACT - Training PEAK Learners

Smart Built Cultures Program
IPD & BIM for the Procurement Office
IPD & BIM for Operations Personnel
IPD & BIM for Maintenance Personnel
Preparing integrated teams to interview
Creating PEAK Learners in-house
Teaching PEAK Learners to make an IMPACT