Smart Built Cultures 
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Let's empower millions to raise billions out of poverty today & tomorrow! Download our  SMART BUILT CULTURES'  whitepaper to learn more
We sovle people problems by creating smart built cultures,
careers and assets

Collaborative Construction dba
​Smart Property Group

We work with owners, contractors, investors and others in the built environment to identify unique opportunities in growth areas. 

We help clients quickly turn marginal properties into revenue generators. We also keep a keen eye out for parcels that can be combined in prime locations and converted into unique communities.

Whether you are looking to flip a house or flip a block we can help. Working closely with Collaborative Construction, Benjamin Yocum & Heather and other Smart Built Cultures Affiliates we add value for our clients during every phase of the development process.

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Unique Option Agreements

Fast Flips - Six (6) Month Option
Slow Flips - One (1) Year Option
Strategic Flips - Two (2) Year Option
Development Flips - Three (3) to Five (5) years

Commercial Cleaning Services

House Clean Outs
Initial Demolition
Open House Cleaning

Intergrated Flipping Teams

Forming Teams
Training Teams
​Deploying Teams

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Smart Built Cultures as wells as BIM & IPD